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Star Wars Insider #149

Blade Squadron - Pt. 1

Opening Excerpt

Gina Moonsong popped her cockpit hatch and slid down the ladder onto the flight deck. She yanked off her helmet to reveal the red buzz-cut she’d had ever since Dantooine, and wiped the sweat from her olive skin. Before she could hand off the flight log to the crew chief, the booming baritone of the deputy wing leader’s voice echoed through the hangar.

“Front and center, Cadet!”

Moonsong froze and saluted, the ghost of a smile hovering just short of insubordination as Lieutenant Braylen Stramm pushed his dark brown face right up to hers. He looked about as annoyed as any officer would who had just watched a vital training exercise go bust—all the more so when the order to advance on the Imperial Fleet might come down any day.

“What in the three suns did you think you were doing out there, Cadet?”

Moonsong hesitated as pilots exited the ships all around her. The expressions on their faces ranged from annoyance—the outsider was causing trouble again?—to professional interest: How was their by-the-book commander going to handle the latest infraction by the squadron’s problem child? She met Stramm’s eyes, and grinned.

“Completing the mission, successfully Sir.”

“Successfully? The computers say different. You were destroyed. Along with half the squadron.”


Proof of Placement

Blade Squadron – Pt. 1 is set in 10/06/2015. Both parts take place during the Battle of Endor.

Notes & Trivia

Blade Squadron – Pt. 1 is the first media to be released in the new canon that was established on April 25, 2014 even though it was published 3 days earlier on April 22. This was confirmed in Insider #150.

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David J. Williams
Mark S. Williams

Artist: Chris Trevas

Type: 75
Publisher: Titan Magazines
Pages: 6

Blade Squadron

#1: Blade Squadron – Pt. 1

#2: Blade Squadron – Pt. 2
#3: Blade Squadron: Zero Hour

Year: 10/06/2015

More Info: Wookieepedia Page