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Adventures in Wild Space (Book #4 of 4)

The Dark



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Adventures in Wild Space: The Dark is set in 9/01/2014.

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Only available in the U.K. beginning Apr. 28, 2016 with no announcement about a U.S. release. U.K. imports w/ free worldwide shipping can be pre-ordered from Book Depository: here.

A shorter prelude to the series titled The Escape was also released but is not required reading in order to understand the other books in the series.

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Author: ???

Type: 331
Publisher: Egmont UK Ltd
Pages: 160

Adventures in Wild Space

Prelude: The Escape
#1: The Snare
#2: The Nest
#3: The Steal

#4: The Dark

Year: 9/01/2014

More Info: Coming Soon.