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Star Wars Insider #154

The End of History

Opening Excerpt

Antron didn’t know much about starfighters, but he felt strongly that a wing should be attached to its vessel, not scattered in sizzling fragments across the blue scrub plains of a nameless moon. As he beat away clouds of smoke, cursing his age and protruding gut, he decided that the pilot of this particular starfighter—which had fallen blazing past the mesa Antron called home barely an hour before—was likely to agree.

He hoped it wouldn’t be the only thing he and the pilot agreed upon, since he doubted he had the charm or the muscle to keep an irate pirate or murderous fugitive in check. But he reassured himself as best he could: “Jedi Master Vonkhel managed to befriend the Sith Lord of Gairm,” he muttered. “All you have to do is not admit anything stupid.”

As Antron approached the starfighter’s cockpit, the viewplate jumped, shuddered, then rose steadily. A flightsuited figure coated in soot, grease, and dried blood climbed out from the vessel and staggered onto the ground.

The figure’s voice was sharp and strained. “I need to find Antron Bach.”

Antron froze a moment, then hurried forward and saw beneath the grim a woman young enough to be his granddaughter. “I am Antron Bach,” he said, before he noticed her hand was touching the blaster at her hip. So much, he thought, for not admitting anything stupid.

“Miru Nadrinakar,” the woman said, “of the Corellian Resistance. We need to run.”


Proof of Placement

The End of History is set in 11/15/2016. On May 2, 2015, the author of this short story, Alexander Freed, sent this tweet estimating (not officially confirming) the year as 10 BBY “give or take a few years”. Also, this short story doesn’t take place before the novel Tarkin since that book mentions TIE fighters as “newly minted” and they appear in this story.

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Release Date: [table “sw-db” does not have that cell /]

Author: Alexander Freed

Artist: Chris Scalf

Type: 167
Publisher: Titan Magazines
Pages: 6

Year: 11/15/2016

More Info: Wookieepedia Page