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To-Do List


The site can be slightly out of date at times and I wanted to take a minute to explain why and what work is being done behind-the-scenes to get the site to it’s completed form. In the 6 months since I launched They Might Be Geeks, there have been many improvements and this is what I still need to do before I feel like I’m caught up.

To-Do List:

1. Proof of Placement

Above all else, the site was originally made to focus on the in-universe timeline to provide readers with all the info they need to determine which titles they want to read/watch and in what order. The top priority is to finalize all Proof of Placement (PoP) on all titles so that timeline placement leaves no room for debate and is as accurate as possible. All PoP is being transferred to a title’s individual profile page rather than clumped together on a single PoP page (which is why that page isn’t up to date).

2. Misc. Comics

A separate page is being created for comics that don’t fit in with the single issues or the Marvel trade paperbacks. These comics include those in Rebels Magazine, the LINE Webtoon (a.k.a. Korean) comics, TPBs of retellings/re-releases of the movies, etc.

3. Profile Pages

Last month I completed the profile pages for all novels, YA books, and short stories. Some of those still need reviews added. Still to come are profile pages for each comic series as well as one for every story arc and also each individual issue. I also need profiles for the movies, and TV series but I’m not sure if I’ll do individual pages for seasons/episodes. Profile pages can be found by clicking the title anywhere it appears on the site (not yet available on the home page).

4. Days Since/Until Toggle

Every table will receive a toggle button that switches between the default “Release Date” and a countdown until/since the title was/will be released.

5. Reprints & Variants

This is the only page to be completely neglected since launch and I’m debating whether to catch up and maintain it or drop it entirely. This is the last priority of the whole site.

6. Comic Covers

All new comic covers are added within 24 hrs. but sometimes I get behind in adding the “final” cover art. For example, usually the art-only cover (without the title) is released a few weeks before the final cover. Until all other work on the site is complete, it’s not a priority to update from the art-only to the final cover within 24 hrs. of it being available.

7. General Timeliness

There have been a few times when a title has been released and I’ve been late in changing the Amazon button from “Pre-Order” to “Buy Now” or updating the highlight on the comics page to show which releases are the most recent. I’m aiming to be more prompt with this info.

How to Help

The best way to help this site is to keep an eye out for anyone that shows an interest in the timelines of Star Wars and share my site with them. Users regularly submit relevant posts on the /r/StarWarsEU subreddit but I can’t post a link to my own site without being banned or having my comments removed. I try to participate there as much as I can without self-promoting and I see when you mention my site as a better alternative to Wookieepedia and it makes my day every single time.

I don’t show ads on the site, promote a Patreon page, or include a PayPal donate button but I do have a link to each title’s Amazon page. This serves two purposes. First, the “Coming Soon”, “Pre-Order”, and “Buy Now” buttons allow you to quickly see the status of multiple titles at once rather than comparing release dates. Second, when you follow these links to Amazon, I get a small referral commission (about 6%) on all items you end up purchasing whether it was the item I linked to or not. I hope you see these buttons as helpful and not obtrusive. I’m not running to the bank with these links and I’ve only made $57.78 since the site launched 6 months ago. Every little bit helps though and is highly appreciated.

Thank You!

Thanks for your continued support and interest in this site and the resources it provides. Every time you share TMBGeeks.com, or tweet me @TMBGeeks, or comment/like a post on Facebook, I’m extremely grateful. Thank you so much!

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Posted On: Jan. 28, 2016

Est. Completion: Mar. 2016

Info: 7 items that need attention before we can move the site on to adding new features.

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